Oahu Wrestling League


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Mark Buelow



A USA Wrestling league on the island of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii providing competitive wrestling opportunities for youth.

Step 1: Purchase a USAW Membership

  • Parent must create free account

  • Add new profile for each athlete (child)

  • Add membership to cart for each athlete (child)

  • Take a screenshot of your USAW card (you’ll need this to register for OWL)

  • Coaching - In order to coach your child in the corner, you must have a ‘Wrestling Leader’ Membership with USA Wrestling. (Note: It can take up to 2 weeks for processing). See PDF to see how to be a coach

  • Note: Folksyle only membership is acceptable for spring session youth divisions competing in Folkstyle only. Full USA Wrestling membership is required for high school and summer session Freestyle completion.

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Step 2: Create Track Wrestling Profile

  1. Create a Track Wrestling profile

  1. Take a screenshot of your Track Wrestling number (you’ll need this to register for OWL)

Step 3: Gather Remaining Information

  1. Determine your athletes age division

  2. Rate your athlete’s level of experience — Use the following guidelines to make an accurate assessment.

    1 - True Beginner - First year, no tournament experience, lacks athletic ability OR is not aggressive

    2 - Transitional - Some tournament experience but only moderate success OR no tournament experience but is athletic or has other grappling experience

    3 - Experienced - 1 or more seasons, good grasp on fundamentals, moderate success

    4 - Advanced - competes often, successful state placer, will be grouped with best kids in their weight.

  3. Review Parent Code of Conduct

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 Step 4: Register for Oahu Wrestling League

  1. Review Pricing

    1. $25 spring season pass when you pre-register on Track Wrestling for Oahu Spring 3/30-4/27 Events. This 1st session has five (5) scheduled events that will run from 3/30/19 to 4/27/19. These tournaments will be Folkstyle for youth and Freestyle for high school.

    2. $15 summer season pass when you pre-register on Track Wrestling for Oahu Summer 5/18-6/1 Events. This 2nd session has three (3) scheduled events that will run from 5/18/19 to 6/1/19. These tournaments will be Freestyle for all ages, with possibly some Greco. 

    3. You will receive a ($10) discount if you register for both passes at the same time, in a single transaction.

    4. You must pay pre-registration fees online to be considered registered.

    5. Post season championship events are not included as part of the season pass registration.

  2. Download instructions

  3. Pre-registration will close the week of each event on Thursday at 8pm. There will be no onsite registration. Online registration will reopen following the completion of each event for any new competitors wishing to obtain a season pass.

Note: Make sure to register under your correct team. Wrestlers who wish to double enter and compete up in division should pre-register and pay fees twice. Email 44wrestling@gmail.com listing the wrestlers name, club, and additional division to be entered into. Track Wrestling will not allow you to register outside your current division.

 Step 5: Volunteering

Each club that participates in the Oahu Wrestling League is required to provide table workers and referees based upon the amount of kids attending the tournament.

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